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Ho Chi Minh Memorial Day. Short biography
If, while in Vietnam, you endlessly turn the calendar over and over again on the third of September, then you will forever remain in mourning for the great leader of the Vietnamese people, Ho Chi Minh. He passed away on September 2, 1969, Independence Day.
In order not to overshadow the big holiday, it was decided to postpone the day of mourning and memorial day to September 3rd.
Let's look back and get acquainted with a brief biography of this wonderful person.
03.09.2022 17:26
September 2 — Vietnam Independence Day
A holiday celebrated throughout the country. On this day, September 2, 1945, in the city of Hanoi, on Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh read out his declaration of independence for the Republic of Vietnam.
In fact, this day became the starting point in the modern history of Vietnam. There will be long years of all sorts of difficulties and upheavals ahead. Ahead will be a long and exhausting war for independence from the United States of America...
31.08.2022 18:29
Hungry Ghost Festival in Vietnam
For many Vietnamese, the seventh lunar month is also known as the month of ghosts.
Many “hungry ghosts” appear this month, and on the full moon day in July, many families set up a tray with offerings for these ghosts outside.
So what is a hungry ghost?
12.08.2022 14:36
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