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Publishing your own events in the Vietamin Calendar
Dear users of the Vietamin service, now you have the opportunity to share your events with the community of our service. We are pleased to present you the function of adding your own events to our «Vietamin Calendar»!

How does it work?
• Adding an event: Go to your user or store account and use the «Add event» function. Fill in the information about your event and wait for the event to be moderated.
• Event overview: Any Vietamin visitor can now easily view upcoming events in a convenient calendar. Thanks to this function, you will not miss a single interesting event!
• Participation in events: You can easily join an event to support its participants and keep abreast of all updates and changes.
Thus, Vietamin becomes not only a platform for purchases and sales, but also a space for the exchange of experiences and events.

We invite you to share your joys, events and important dates on Vietamin!
10.02.2024 16:20
Reviews for products
In an update dated February 1, 2023, reviews were added to the functionality of the service.
The client of the service can leave a review on any product of any shop.

All product reviews are moderated by the service for the best customer experience.
The shop received the functionality of responding to all reviews for the products of its shop.
01.02.2023 16:00
Shop opening hours
January is not the time to relax!
The functionality of the service has been replenished with another mechanism — shop opening hours.

Any shop can now specify the opening hours of their business.
Orders can be tied to shop hours and customers can only order when the shop is open.
At the same time, the acceptance of orders is suspended, for example, at night.

Also the ability to specify the end time for receiving orders has been added in the shop settings.
This functionality will be convenient for cafes and restaurants that stop accepting orders a certain time before the establishment closes.
11.01.2023 10:12
Shop chat. Now also on
In mid-December 2022, a chat functionality between the client and the shop was added to the service.
The customer of the service can directly contact the shop representative on any page of

The merchant can enable or disable this functionality in their account settings.
Also, the shop will receive notifications in the messengers connected to the account when the shop representative is offline.
22.12.2022 12:21
In an update dated November 10, 2022, sales were added to the functionality of the service.
Any shop can add up to 3 sales to their page.

2 types of sales have been added:
Determined price for goods (shop sets the actual cost of the products during the sale period);
Percentage discount for a specific category of products (shop sets a fixed discount percentage for all products of the specified category).

Prices for sale items are automatically updated during the sale period.
Please note: the sale also sets a discount on the prices of product variations.

The sale ends automatically at the time set by the shop.
10.11.2022 18:30
Product variations added
In the update dated October 15, 2022, item variations were introduced into the functionality of the service.
Any shop can add up to 5 variations of each product with a unique name, description and price.

Customers of the service will be able to get acquainted with the variations of the product on the product page of the shop.
Product variation is taken into account when adding a product to the cart and when a customer creates an order.
15.10.2022 10:00
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