Each Marketplace shop has its own page with direct access via a unique link.

The shop owner can publish products or services by grouping them into categories.
For example, dividing a restaurant menu into necessary groups, such as hot dishes, salads , alcohol, etc.

Products or services can have a special type of 'Showcase' for convenient publication of the catalog without the ability to add these products or services to the basket.
This option for displaying the catalog is convenient for companies providing products or services without a fixed price.


The shop owner has the opportunity to indicate the location of his company on the general map of the Marketplace.

Each Marketplace shop is tied to a specific city for easy search and necessary filtering of content by users.


The shop owner can set up email notifications about new orders.

User can also attach their Zalo or Telegram accounts for more convenient and faster notifications.

The process of connecting instant messengers is very simple and will take the shop owner no more than 5 minutes.


Each company in the Marketplace can publish small blog posts on its page.

It can be useful for those companies that want to tell customers about some news or about the latest arrival of products.

Headline, text, images — this is a standard set of information for a company blog post.


Create your own shop in Vietnam one-stop Marketplace for expats.

Publish your products or services and start get customer orders.

Tell Vietnam about your business.

You can find detailed shop registration instructions on the page «How to create a shop».

Shop registration