28.07.2022 12:43

VTB Russia launches dong transfers to Vietnam

Photo: Сергей Бродарь
Alexei Filimonov, CEO of Astera, has been working in Vietnam for two years. At first he was just an investor in development projects, then he went into business directly on the spot. He describes his work in this country with the word “wonderful”.

The real estate market is growing by 20% per year due to the low base effect. But after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Russian business was no longer so wonderful. According to the entrepreneur, local banks were instructed to conduct a thorough audit of all transactions related to Russia.
In early March, the businessman went to his bank and was told that they were not yet accepting payments from Russia. For comparison, Aleksey Filimonov tells how Vietnamese banks control the transactions of local residents who easily transfer huge amounts to each other.

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