16.11.2022 03:00

Khanh Hoa Province releases Nha Trang Bay Restoration Master Plan

The provincial government has identified specific challenges and solutions, including raising awareness and changing the behavior of individuals, communities and businesses. Scuba diving on degraded reef sites in Hon Mun and other places will be suspended, as well as activities that disturb habitats and coral reefs in the Hon Mun Sea area and other main areas of Nha Trang Bay.

They will strengthen the control of aquaculture activities in Nha Trang Bay; to patrol and strictly protect the protected area of ​​Hon Mun, as well as promptly identify and eliminate violations of environmental legislation in the Nha Trang Bay area.

In order to restore corals in Hon Mun Bay and Nha Trang, the provincial authorities will carry out environmental cleanup.

The province will conduct surveys on the current state of coral reefs in the touristic diving areas around Hong Mun to determine the extent and causes of degradation; and then implement appropriate coral reef restoration solutions.

The Nha Trang City People's Committee and the Nha Trang Bay Government will jointly organize the implementation of the plan.

The branch of the Vietnam-Russian Tropical Center in Nha Trang, in cooperation with the Institute of Oceanography, will be responsible for research on the restoration of coral reefs.

The Institute of Fisheries Science and Technology at Nha Trang University will test coral recovery using Biorock technology in Nha Trang Bay.

The province will study the functions of Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Areas and support the restoration and conservation of sea turtles in the protected area and adjacent waters.

The province will also create sustainable livelihoods for the coral reef conservation community in Hon Mun and Nha Trang Bay by enhancing the capacity to manage, protect and manage coral reef ecosystems for the community and civil society organizations in Nha Trang Bay.

The province has mobilized funds from the Beach Dam community and local and foreign organizations to create a sustainable financial source for the management and protection of coral reefs.

Beach Dam Residential Area has developed an ecotourism model based on a green, clean and civilized island community, facilitating a gradual job change for local fishermen.

The province controls the sources of discharge into Nha Trang Bay; improves the system of mechanisms and policies for state management of activities in the bay; management and reduction of plastic waste in the marine protected area in order to develop a green marine economy.

Nha Trang Bay covers an area of ​​more than 500 square meters. km with 19 islands. It has various ecosystems such as mangroves, coral reefs and seaweeds.

Source: https://en.nhandan.vn/khanh-hoa-issues-master-plan-for-nha-trang-bay-restoration-post119922.html
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