07.08.2022 15:21

Tourists fined almost $1874 for smuggling egg sandwiches and hot dogs into the airport

Photo: CNN
An unnamed tourist has been fined $1,874 after two egg sandwiches and a beef sausage were found in his luggage last week on a flight to Darwin Airport in northern Australia.

The incident comes just days after tough new biosecurity rules were introduced by Australian authorities as the FMD outbreak in Indonesia spread to Bali, a frequent destination for Australian tourists.

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry said that "a wide range of undeclared risk foods, including fast food, was found in a passenger's backpack by a sniffer dog named Zinta."

"It will be the most expensive breakfast this passenger has ever eaten. The fine is more than double the cost of a plane ticket from Bali to Australia, but it is necessary to protect the country," said Murray Watt, agriculture secretary.
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