07.08.2022 17:28

The situation with dengue fever is getting worse

Photo: www.nrc.nl
The number of cases of dengue fever in Vietnam this year is more than three times higher than a year ago. Already about 60 deaths.

Along with a surge in coronavirus cases and a growing number of hospitalized cases of dengue fever, the Ministry of Health said Vietnam is facing the threat of a dual epidemic.

The other day, two more deaths from dengue fever were recorded in Ho Chi Minh City, the total number of deaths in the city is 16. Now, prevention and control of the epidemic still face various difficulties due to a lack of qualified personnel, while residents are negligent to the implementation of epidemic prevention measures.

In Nghe An province, the number of new cases of dengue fever is also rising rapidly, many of them in serious, critical condition. Despite the preventive measures taken, people's everyday habits and the polluted environment make it difficult to take control of the situation, increasing the risk of rapid spread on a large scale. Since the beginning of June, 207 patients with dengue have been registered in Nghe An province. Ngikuang Community, Ngilok County, is now the epicenter of dengue fever in Nghe An Province. 68 patients are registered here. The weather is sunny and humid, with many pools of stagnant water, which is a favorable environment for a huge number of dengue mosquitoes.

Experts expect that the country's dengue epidemic will increase in the near future, at the same time the number of new cases of coronavirus will increase and cases of influenza A are already appearing - all this puts the domestic healthcare sector at risk of overload.
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