29.07.2022 16:34

New wave of Covid in Vietnam is unlikely — experts

Photo: Сергей Бродарь
Though the number of daily infections and severe cases keeps rising, experts said it is implausible for Vietnam to experience another Covid-19 wave.
In the week between July 18 and 24, Vietnam recorded 329 serious Covid-19 cases that must be hospitalized for treatment, up 73 percent from the previous week.

Between July 21 and 27, the average daily infections stayed at 1,327, with 2,676 cases recorded on Wednesday alone, according to the Ministry of Health.

At the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, the number of severe Covid-19 cases in the past week rose four to five times compared to previous months.

If it received just several severe cases in May and June, the hospital currently treats 25 Covid-19 patients in serious condition and reliant on ventilators. In most cases, they are patients with chronic diseases.

Hanoi Medical University Hospital is currently treating 21 patients in medium to severe conditions while the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations has increased by five cases per day in the past week. The hospital predicted admissions would keep rising in the coming time.

Given the increase in cases, doctors advised that the public should stay calm but not negligent.

Source: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/new-covid-wave-in-vietnam-unlikely-experts-4493154.html
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