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As many as 80 percent of expats surveyed said they were satisfied with the overall cost of living in Vietnam

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As many as 80 percent of expats surveyed said they were satisfied with the overall cost of living in Vietnam, compared to a global figure of 45 percent, which ranks Vietnam first in the world in the Personal Finance Index, according to a survey released Tuesday. the world's largest expat community, InterNations.
“Prices are affordable in almost all areas,” said the Swiss expat, who asked not to be identified.
92% say household disposable income is enough or more than enough for a comfortable life, compared to 72% globally.
“I live comfortably on my limited income,” said the American expat.

In its annual Expat Insider Survey, running for the ninth time this year, InterNations polled nearly 12,000 expats in 52 countries and territories about living and working abroad.
Vietnam is also considered a place where expats can easily settle down and make friends, the survey found.
The country ranks ninth in the Ease of Settlement Index, with 84 percent finding locals generally friendly compared to 66 percent globally, and 83 percent finding them friendly to foreigners in particular compared to 65 percent elsewhere .
In the "Find Friends" subcategory, expats ranked Vietnam seventh, saying it's easy to make friends here among the locals.

It is difficult for expats to cope with local bureaucracy (66% vs. 39% globally), open a local bank account (41% vs. 21% globally) and get a visa to move there (48% vs. 24% globally).
Expats vote last (52nd) for the availability of administrative/government services online, and nearly one in four expatriates find it hard to pay cashless at all, compared to 8 percent globally.
They also express concern about environmental issues and the health system.

The country is in the top ten in the Quality of Life index, where it ranks 48th. More than half of them (53%) are dissatisfied with the urban environment, more than three times the global average.
“The noise pollution is terrible,” commented a French expat.

Expats are particularly dissatisfied with air quality (64% dissatisfied versus 19% globally).
“Smog is a huge problem, and the air is really toxic,” notes an expatriate from Italy.

Moreover, more than half of expats believe that the government does not support environmental policies (compared to 18% globally), and the country ranks 50th in this indicator.

In addition, expats in Vietnam are dissatisfied with the country's healthcare system. About one in five expatriates say health care is "generally unaffordable" and one in four report having difficulty accessing all the types of health care they need.
When expats have access to health care, they perceive it as substandard: 23% are dissatisfied with the quality of health care compared to 14% globally.

The number of expats living and working in Vietnam was 117,800 in 2019, ten times more than in 2005 and 1.4 times more than in 2015.

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