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Fruit plateau
180 000 đ
Seasonal fruits, 1 kg
Bruschetta  with lightly salted salmon
170 000 đ
Ciabatta, salmon cc, guacamole sauce, salad mix, olives, poached egg, 240 gr.
Fish plateau
380 000 đ
Salmon ss, tuna hk, spicy mackerel, oily fish ss, lemon, fried ciabatta, greens, 350 gr.
Squid rings
135 000 đ
With tartar sauce, 240 gr.
Сheese plate
360 000 đ
Parmesan cheese, blue cheese, Camembert, Gouda, Suluguni cheese, honey, grapes, nuts, 500 gr.
Bruschetta with roastbeef inpepper sauce
130 000 đ
Ciabatta, sun-dried tomato salsa, roastbeef in pepper sauce, baked bellpepper, egg, 230gr.
Greek Salad
140 000 đ
Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, red onion, spicy marinade, kalamata olives 380 gr.
Flavored pork ears
200 000 đ
Пикантные свиные ушки
Duck breast salad
160 000 đ
Lettuce, potatoes, flavored dressing, bellpepper, baked duckbreast, 270 gr.
Beetroot tartare
70 000 đ
Served with avocado, herbs and green pea sauce, 220 gr.
Seafood salad
180 000 đ
Salad mix, squid fillet, shrimp, flavored dressing, 175gr.
Mushroom caviar
90 000 đ
Served on potato pancakes with herbs and red onions, 200 gr.
Cream spinach soup
110 000 đ
Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, shrimp salsa, pine nuts, 430 gr.
Caesar with shrimp
210 000 đ
Romano salad, cherry, baguette crackers, fried shrimp, Caesar dressing, 260 gr.
Fried shrimp
310 000 đ
With soy sauce and lemon, 500 gr.
Cream mushroom soup
100 000 đ
With mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, vegetable salsa, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese and toasted slices ...
Meat salad with beef tongue
160 000 đ
With beef tongue, smokedchicken, steamed vegetables, pickled cucumber withcreamy sour creamdressing,...
Chicken pâté with onion jam
120 000 đ
Tender chicken pâté with fried ciabatta pieces, onion jam and sun-dried tomatoes, 220 gr.
Ukha classic
120 000 đ
Ukha classic fillet marlin, 480 gr.
Niçoise with tuna
170 000 đ
Mix of lettuce, olives, anchovies, tuna fillet, egg, babypotatoes, 225 gr.
Grilled tongue with mustard
145 000 đ
Boiled grilled beef tongue with pickled cucumbers, mustard and herbs, 160 gr.
Chicken soup with homemade noodles
90 000 đ
Суп куриный с домашней лапшой
Burrata salad
220 000 đ
Buratta, tomatoes, arugula, pestosauce, pine nuts, 280 gr.
Slices of salted salmon
160 000 đ
Slices of lightly salted salmon with lemon sauce and lemon, 135 gr
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