How to create shop

1. Register your shop

Register an account on Register shop account page.
You will receive an email with a confirmation link to mailbox specified during registration.
Follow the link in the mail and confirm the ownership of the email box.

2. Input your store details and wait for successful moderation

Fill form inputs with actual information about your shop on the «Shop settings» page and save changes by clicking «Send for activation» button.

Within a short time, site moderation will activate your store and you will receive an email about successful activation to your mailbox if the entered data comply with the Shop and Products Guidelines. Otherwise, you will receive a mail about the negative decision of the moderation.

3. Fill the shop with categories and product

You will be given access to full management of the shop page after successful activation of the shop:

1. Categories - Working with products categories
Add any products categories in accordance with the Shop and Products Guidelines, depending on your needs.
The use of categories will help group specific items and make it easier for users to navigate on the shop page.

A category that does not have a single product inside will not be displayed on the shop page.

2. Product - Working with commodity items
Add any products in accordance with the Shop and Products Guidelines.

Each product can be located in the needed category of the shop.
Check the «New» or «Popular» checkboxes in the product's card to display the position in the lists of new or popular products in the shop.

4. Manage discounts

Add a sale to your shop on the «Sale» page and provide customers with discounted purchases.

5. Manage orders

Receive orders from clients on the «Orders» page of the cabinet.
Each customer order with an item from your shop will appear in the order list. Also, you will receive a mail to your mailbox when any order with products from your shop arrives.

Manage order statuses for easy administration.

6. Post your shop news on the blog

Publish news or useful information on the «Blog» page of the cabinet.
Customers will be able to see blog posts on the shop page.

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