Shop and products guidelines

We analyze the database of products on a daily basis and block those that do not comply with the rules. Blocked products disappear from the search, and the shop receives penalty points, which in turn affect the display of other shop products in the search.
Penalty points are accumulated. If your shop reaches 100 points, then all shop products will be removed from sale, and access to the shop will be closed forever.

We recommend that you carefully study the rules for the publication of products in order to avoid possible difficulties and blockages.

1. Do not violate the Federal law on the protection of intellectual property

The site is strictly prohibited from posting counterfeit products, replicas and other items that may violate the law on the protection of intellectual property.

2. Do not post prohibited items

It is forbidden to place and sell products on the site, the circulation of which is prohibited by the laws of Vietnam or the rules of the site.
Before publishing products, you must make sure that your products are not included in the list of prohibited products.

3. Publish products in the correct categories

Violation of this rule includes deliberate selection by the seller of an inappropriate category for the issue of products in the search by category.
Example: "face mask" placed in the "antiseptic" category.

4. Do not copy products, their images, names and descriptions from other shops

A violation of this rule includes the exact copying of one or more elements of the product card from someone else's shop: images, attributes, names, descriptions, etc.

5. Do not use profanity or vulgar language in the description and image of the product.

It is forbidden to use profanity in Russian, English or Vietnamese in the photographs in the product cards, in the name and in the description of the product.

6. Avoid actions that can negatively affect the buyer's experience when interacting with the site.

a. Placing text instead of the main product image;
b. Placement of images that do not correspond to the product;
c. Placement of images that do not correspond to reality;
d. Placing images that mislead the buyer;
e. Other actions that may cause dissatisfaction with the buyer while using the platform.

7. Site rules prohibit selling

Firearms and means of attack, including rifles, crossbows, as well as bullets and cartridges, gas and pepper sprays, stun guns, pyrotechnics and fireworks.

8. Site rules allow the sale of used products, except for a number of categories indicated below

It is forbidden on the site to sell used medical products, medicines, personal hygiene items, perfumery and cosmetic products, household chemicals, garments and knitwear underwear, hosiery, and disposable tableware.
Used products that are not included in the list above can be sold on the site. Also, when selling used products, information that the products were in use should be posted in the most informative way.

If a used product is offered for sale, in respect of which information must be provided on confirmation of its compliance with the established requirements, shelf life or service life, but there is no such information, the seller, when selling the specified product, is obliged to inform the buyer that the conformity of the product the established requirements must be confirmed, an expiration date or service life must be set for it, but there is no information about this.

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